Megapack of honey tubes 3x340g + 3x105g


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The Megapack consists of the following products packaged in tubes: Creamy honey 340g, Honey with propolis 340g, Honey with ginger 340g, Honey with cinnamon 105g, Sweet tooth´s dream 105g, Honey with wild berries 105g.
A big pack is a good gift for a honey lover. The price of the package is also cheaper than buying all the tubes individually!

Plastic tubes – 340g and 105g

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92 in stock


Megapack of honey tubes

The megapack consists of all our most popular tube-packed products.
Honey with ginger 340g – is good to use to strengthen the immune system. Ginger also improves blood circulation and is also used in seasickness!
Honey with propolis 340g – good to use when problems with sore throats. Propolis is known in folk medicine as a good natural antibiotic, which is why propolis honey can also be used for internal inflammation. Also suitable for cold and damp cracked lips.
Creamy honey 340g – obtained by mechanical mixing of honey and does not contain any impurities. Mechanical mixing helps to maintain a creamy and soft nature for a very, very long time. This is also the reason why we have started to pack honey in a tube. Goes well with tea, bread, and pancake.
Honey with cinnamon 105g – good to eat when just a small appetite for sweets and also goes well with coffee. Gives the coffee a good, slightly different taste than usual.
Honey with wild berries 105g- contains honey, freeze-dried natural blueberry and lingonberry flour. Great sweet for sweet lovers. Blueberries and raspberries contain B vitamin and many antioxidants.
Sweet tooth´s dream 105g – contains honey, freeze-dried cranberries, cinnamon and ginger. Also a nice sweet and a good gift for some sweet tooth.


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