Food packaging

  • As we are beekeeping family company, we also offer honey packaging and filtering services to other producers and companies who are distributing honey.
  • Thanks to well chosen equipmnet, we are also able to pack other food with different viscosities.
  • We can pack into glass and plastic jars/containers.
  • Into laminated or plastic tube packing is available. We help to find right tubes for your product.

Other packaging

  • Lubricants with different viscosities
  • Pastes

Storage service

  • Food that does not need special temperature.
  • Goods that are waiting packing.
  • Empty glass jars, plastic cans and containers

EUR pallet 12 eur/pc – month rent (contains VAT 20%)
FIN alus 14,5 eur/tk – month rent (contains VAT 20%)