Honey with juniper berries 300g


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Honey with juniper berries is well suited as one component for use in marinating meat, in sauces and otherwise has a good taste and exciting appearance. It contains natural Estonian honey and juniper berries.

Glass jar – 300g

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47 in stock



Honey with juniper berries

Honey with juniper berries contains honey and natural juniper berries. Based on the feedback received from customers, we can say that this product is good to use as one component of marinade when planning to smoke or cook some meat. Juniper berries give to the honey a kind of interesting taste. Using this honey mixture as one component when marinating various meat products, the taste is also transmitted to the meat. Suitable for gourmet dishes.
However, we would be happy to share significantly more information about the good properties of juniper berries and honey but as pursuant to § 38 of the Food Act, the food information provided by a trader (Mesi24.ee) must be true, comply with the requirements established by legislation and must not mislead the consumer, then we cant´t provide information on the benefits of juniper that has long been known in folk medicine. Therefore, we encourage people to find more information on Google 🙂



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