Heather honey 500g


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Heather honey is one of the most useful honeys, as it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Specially it contains a lot of iron. In the case of pure heather honey, it is always readily available from the jar compared to ordinary crystallising flower honey. Also it is slightly bitter in taste and gelatinous in nature.

Glass jar – 500g

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Heather honey

Heather honey cannot be obtained by extracting, as it is more viscous than ordinary blossom honey. So in order to get the heather honey, it is necessary to press the frames instead of extracting them. In this way, into the heather honey gets some propolis and beebread, which adds extra value to the product. Heather honey has a significantly higher content of iron, copper and magnesium than an ordinary honey. Heather honey is also rich in proteins and mineral salts.
Due to its high protein content, heather honey is also a favorite in the athletes’ menu. Considering the natural conditions of Estonia, heather honey is the only honey that can be harvested in its pure form (without the nectar content of other plants). This is due to the fact that by the time the heather is in bloom, other plants have already stopped blooming. Of course, there will be years when the heather starts to bloom earlier, and then the first harvest will be mixed harvest. Despite the high content of heather nectar, strong heather taste and aroma, the honey might still crystallize. Due to its mildly bitter-sweet taste, it is a favorite of many people for using it on bread and in tea.

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