Honey with wildberries 300g


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The product contains honey, freeze-dried blueberries and cowberries. It goes well with bread and cake. Also always a good surprise in a gift bag.

Glass jar – 300g

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Honey with wildberries

Honey with wild berries contains honey, freeze-dried cowberries and blueberries.
Due to their good preservation, cowberries were and still are a significant source of vitamins for the people of the Nordic countries during the winter. Also cowberries are an excellent addition to some meat dishes and flour dishes.
Cowberries contain arbutin (4.44%), hydrophilic carboxylic acids (2.27-3.05%), quercetin (146 mg per kilogram), benzoic acid (acts as a natural preservative), etc.
Blueberries contain up to 6% sugars, organic acids, vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, carotene, tannins and pectins, dyes and minerals (manganese and iron).
As pursuant to § 38 of the Food Act, the food information provided by a trader (Mesi24.ee) must be true, comply with the requirements established by legislation and must not mislead the consumer, then we must also not provide information on the benefits of cowberries and blueberries that has long been known in folk medicine. Therefore, we encourage people to find more information on Google 🙂


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